Safe Hair Restoration Treatment

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platelet rich plasma treatment

The restoration and regrowth of hair after an excessive loss of original hair on the scalp is safe. A specialist clinic utilizes what is known as the platelet rich plasma treatment or PRP treatment for short. This clinical process is essentially non-invasive and no conventional surgery is carried out. Briefly, here is how the PRP process works. It is a natural process, through and through. Platelet rich plasma forms part of the patient’s own red blood cells. It already includes a high concentration of growth factors. The use of the red blood cells plays an important part in the generation of new hair for the patient.

It also helps to improve the density and strength of all existing or remaining hair. Once a patient is ready for treatment, a small blood sample will be taken. This is separated into a centrifuge. After that platelets from the blood will be extracted. The extracted platelets are then injected into the patient’s treatment area. When this happens, enzymes are released. The release of enzymes will promote the healing of tissues and hair follicles. The entire procedure is clinically safe. And it will be ideal for both men and women seeking to address drastic hair loss in a non-invasive and surgery free manner.

Altogether, it would probably still be ideal to address the emotional concerns related to sudden and dramatic hair loss with your general practitioner. This assumes that you have been associated with him or her regularly and over a long period of time. That being said, he or she, knowing your case history so well, would be best placed to make a recommendation for this kind of treatment. But in comparison to surgical options and prescribed medication that may or may not work, it can be hard to see the GP going against this treatment.