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Common Reasons for a Tooth Filling

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A tooth filling is a dental procedure that is used for tooth restorative purposes when there is severe decay that can damage the tooth. Many people need fillings to protect their damaged teeth. If you think that you could benefit from a filling, it is time to schedule an appointment with the family dentistry helotes.

Signs You Need a Dental Filling

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What are some of the signs that indicate you may benefit from a dental filling? Some of the most common signs are listed below.

A toothache is the most common sign that alerts a person that they need a tooth filling.  Most people who experience tooth pain experience the pain because of cavities in the teeth. You may also need a filling due to sensitivity to temperatures, pressure on the tooth, or even sweets. If you notice a throbbing pain when you bite, this is a signal that you may need a filling.

More Signs That You Need a Dental Filling

While extreme toothaches and pain is the most common signs that you need a dental filling, there are other signs that you can look out for as well. Those signs include:

·    Tooth wear and tear

·    Tooth grazing

·    Food gets stuck between the teeth

·    Holes in the teeth

·    Dark spots on the teeth

·    Floss gets trapped between the teeth

·    Broken or chipped tooth

·    Lost filling

·    Cavities

These signs are the most common indicators that a tooth filling is needed to restore and protect your beautiful teeth.

If there are signs that suggest you need a dental filling, don’t delay the call to the dental professional. The sooner you make this visit, the sooner you can restore your tooth and regain the beautiful smile that you might not enjoy now. Plus, you minimize the risk of having a root canal!